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Free Flight Instruction for new pilots!

One of our goals is to provide those new to the hobby a means of successfully learn how to fly. We use a "Buddy Box" for training lessons because this method, which uses the student's radio transmitter and a second unit connected by a cable, allows the instructor to quickly recover the model in most situations. Our membership consists of a large number of very skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced pilots who volunteer their time as flight instructors.


Once you're ready to solo, you will be given your pilot flight test by two club instructors.  This will demonstrate your proficiency with several basic flight maneuvers. You will find a description of the maneuvers in our field rules and a pilot checklist here

You will find the answers to most of your questions on this site, but here are some steps to follow if you're thinking of joining. Visit us at our
flying field or club meetings. Get to know the club and some of our members, and by all means, ask a lot of questions. We can even arrange for you to take an introductory flight lesson to see if you really like it.

Once you're hooked, join the AMA, which you must join before you can join our club. Joining is easy as going to the
AMA web site. Once you get that taken care of, you can fill out our membership application, pay the proper amount and send it in along with a copy of your AMA card or receipt.

An instructor will be available on Monday evenings from 5:00 PM until dusk at our flying field beginning on May 22, 2018. (Note that no instructors will be available on 5/28 and 9/3).  If you can't make it out on Monday evenings, feel free to contact one of our on-call instructors here.

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