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Free Flight Instruction for new pilots!

One of our goals is to introduce aeromodeling to the community through our Introductory Pilot (IP) Program. This program is sponsored by the Flying Electrons in conjunction with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) to introduce and educate the public about model aviation.  Through this program, children through adults can learn all about the aeromodeling hobby and train to fly a model air plane absolutely FREE! 

Flying model aircraft is a learned skill and not easily achieved on the first try.  Our goal is to make your flight training experience an enjoyable and successful one by employing our "Buddy Box" system during flight training.  This training system utilizes two radios connected in tandem by a cable. During the flight training process, if a mishap should occur, the Instructor can immediately take control of the aircraft and return it to level flight with the flip of a switch.

Under our IP Program, novice pilots are provided with full insurance coverage over a 60-day period when teamed up for training with one of our qualified IP Instructors.  Instructors teach you the basics of flight, how control surfaces affect flight and how to use transmitter controls to maintain successful flight.  Our end goal is to make each student, young or old, a qualified solo pilot.  You'll find a description of maneuvers in our field rules and a pilot checklist here.  As a student, you'll train and learn at your own pace on a regular schedule that's convenient for you.


In addition, you'll learn about the different types of aircraft and be exposed to some of the best pilots in Southeastern Wisconsin.  You'll learn the most effective way to get started in the hobby and where you can get great deals on model aircraft, components and radio equipment.


Note:  All trainees under this program must fly at the side of a qualified Instructor to participate in the program.  Once you become a certified solo pilot, you are welcome to join the Flying Electrons Club (membership application) and fly independently on your own at our exclusive airfield.  Solo flying at our airfield requires that you are also a member of the AMA.  Joining the AMA is as easy as going to the AMA website.


You are welcome to visit us at our flying field or club meetings.  Get to know the club and some of our members and by all means, ask a lot of questions.  We can even take you on an introductory flight lesson to see if you really like it.


To get started or to just learn more, click on the button below.

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