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Aircraft you'll see flying at our field

Your first RC airplane needs to be a flight friendly Trainer. An aircraft that will give you time to react, time to learn and lots of time at the controls. Electrics almost ready to fly, like this Apprentice® S 15e RTF, are popular options. 

3D Acrobatic planes do much more than rolls, loops and stalls. They are a hoot to watch and come in electric, glow and gas.

These Scale planes have much more detail and run the spectrum of micro-electrics all the way to 100+ inch gassers. They could be a Spitfire, a P-51 Mustang, or a WWI fighter. It's not uncommon for two or more of these to be flying in formation.  It'll take your breath away.

Drones and Quadcopters are the hottest segment of our hobby and are coming down in price while adding more features. They are also in the news a lot mostly because of the pilots who fly them into restricted airspaces like airports and stadiums. Don't do that. Be sure you know all the FAA regulations before you fly.

You'll be able to apply the basics you learned flying a fixed-wing plane on your journey into Helicopters. This area of the hobby much more affordable now than in the past. A basic electric trainer can cost well under $200.

Common at our field are electric ducted fan Jets (EDF's) which can go in excess of 100 mph!  The ultimate Jet is one powered by a turbine engine, a miniature version of what the big boys use. Some of them will go 175+ mph.

Most Gliders are 3-channel like the trainer you might have had. Many have electric motors which can get you up to the altitude where the birds hang out in the thermals. This is the most laid back flying you will do. 

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